Ever found yourself feeling stuck in limbo, not moving forward in the way you would like or seeing the results you’d hoped would be forthcoming? One very likely cause of this is INDECISION - though we often might not recognise this. Indecision can manifest as ‘hedging your bets’, trying to keep ‘all the doors open’ and working on lots of different things simultaneously. It may not always be obvious that indecision is behind this. It disguises itself in many ways. But you can guarantee that if you are keeping all your doors open for fear of closing any, you are plagued with indecision and it is holding you back from achieving almost ANYTHING you want to achieve! Indecision is the hallmark of self-doubt. It flows from fear or worries about what may happen if we close options down. It flows from doubts about whether we have it in us to achieve something we really want. The trouble is that the fear, indecision and self-doubt and the ‘keeping all options open’ approach, prevents you becoming razor focused and clear about what you want and working towards this with clear and focused energy and intentions. Imagine a company or organisation kept their ‘options open’ – say for instance they decided that rather than cater for a specific niche market, they would instead try to cater for everyone. Their messages would be confusing, their offerings would be unclear and they would unlikely get any traction at all in serving their customers and clients. Not to mention the people working for them would be EXHAUSTED and OVERWHELMED!! This is because, in order to do anything REALLY WELL, we need to be extremely focused on exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it and for whom. The more focused and clear we are the greater chance we have of putting our energy into the right things and actually making head way on our goals. If you want to overcome indecision and finally make headway on achieving your goals, you need to take time to gain CLARITY about what you want and the goal/outcome you are working towards. Nothing will move forward without this. Your COMMITMENT then flows from this, when you become absolutely crystal clear about what you are working towards you will be more focused and able to 100% COMMIT to whatever it will take to bring your goals and dreams into fruition. You may be already committed to the ‘hustle’, but if there is no clear intention or direction supporting this, you’ll be just doing busy work for ‘doing’s’ sake…. and probably running yourself ragged in the process. You need to COMMIT to staying the course and seeing your goal through, rather than losing your way, running off the road somewhere into a ditch and wondering how it all came to this. Finally, the biggest and most important step is building your CONFIDENCE and believing that you absolutely CAN do this. If you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to bring your goal to fruition – of course you’ll be jumping around. One day you’ll be working towards your dreams. The next day you’ll be looking around wondering if you should be doing something else instead because you doubt your ability to achieve what you most want…. whatever that is. The foundation of decisiveness is CONFIDENCE. Confidence you CAN do this and that things WILL work out as you dream they will. Instead of giving up on your dreams and running yourself ragged trying to BE everything and make everything work somehow – how about spending some time getting clear on EXACTLY what you want. When you are clear on what you want, it’s easy to know EXACTLY what you need to be doing to achieve it! Then you move forward with clarity, commitment and confidence, knowing it’s absolutely YOURS for the taking.

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