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A picture of Emily Wilks, Business, Life & Leadership Coach, standing confident and smiling.

Hi, I'm Em!

I'm a Business, Life & Leadership Coach here to help you Create, Lead & Live the business, career & life of your dreams!

Blending the heart & science of business & leadership.

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Are you ready to Create, Lead & Live the Business, Career & Life of Your Dreams?

You're an impact driven professional, entrepreneur or leader wanting to create the level of success you dream of without sacrificing joy, wellbeing and presence in your life and with your family...

You'd love to 'have it all', to make a BIG impact through your work and enjoy your precious family moments, but wonder if you're expecting too much...

You're seen as 'successful' by others and are not afraid of hard work, but don't always feel successful and wonder if you should be further ahead by now...


A picture of Emily, Business, Life & Leadership smiling.

I'm a business, life and leadership coach who helps women all over the world to Create, Lead and Live the life, business & career of their dreams!

My background in senior leadership, psychology, behaviour change and business, along with my passion for evidence-based practice and spirituality, inspired me to start my own coaching business in 2016.  Which was the fulfilment of a life-long dream for me...


But, I also know first hand what it's like to overwork, doubt yourself, people-please, hold back and feel disconnected from your authentic self.

After hiding my spiritual side for many years, even though I'd outwardly created a lot of 'success', inside I felt lost.

Until one day I decided it was time to courageously step up, be my authentic self in all areas of my life and reclaim my creative power in the world.

Now I help women step into leadership, clarity, inspiration and unshakable self-trust so they can create the life, business and career of their dreams too!

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FREE resources, videos, workshops & printable workbooks to help you Create, Lead and Live the life & business of your dreams!

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Digital Programs

Premium online digital programs, workshops and experiences to help you create a life, business and career you love!

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Private & group coaching to help you create magical results in your life as well as the business & career of your wildest dreams.

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What My Clients Are Saying

woman standing confidently looking towards the sun


"Working with you has been life-changing and I feel now that I have the tools to navigate through life easier, better, more harmonious and in a more mature way. The value and shifts that I've gained while working with you are priceless, thank you!"

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"I highly recommend working with Emily Wilks. She has been such a joy to work with. I feel more connected to my inner wisdom and leading my business with confidence and ease"

woman celebrating with her hand raised high in the air


"The kind of compassion, love and support I have received is a huge blessing Em. The Brand of Magic is not just about business, it made me realise business starts from me, the kind of clarity and connection I have with myself , the same will flow in my business"

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