Career Clarity

The career success you’ve worked so hard to achieve is great….until it isn’t….and then what once energised and excited you starts to suck the life out of you.


Your dream becomes your worst nightmare and you find yourself yearning to explore the side of your personality that you’ve kept under lock and key because it had no place in the career you've found yourself in.


Enthusiasm has turned to resentment and the yearning grows.

You KNOW your time is done and you’re ready to start living a different life…..and that scares the hell out of you.

I know you’re watching others who have pursued their passion and are now living lives of purpose, meaning and freedom. You can see they’re fulfilled and happy…and did I mention free?

Can I tell you a little something about “those” people?

THEY were scared too.


They were once like you are now….watching….yearning and wishing they were brave enough to decide which path to take so they could start to living the life they'd been dreaming of all those years.

But they harnessed their courage…quietened their fears and took a leap into the unknown…and look at them now…they haven’t looked back.


I was one of those people…I know the fear you’re feeling, I know the yearning and I know how life is for you right now.


I want to let you know that it’s your time and I’m here to tell you that if you want this thing…we can make it happen….together.


Four years ago I made the leap from leading within large organisations to starting my own business so I could not only follow my passion and make my own unique difference in the world, but so I could also have the freedom and lifestyle of my dreams.


Since then I've made my living helping women, just like you, to do the same.

Based on this work I’ve created a program that supports you as you take that big leap into the unknown….this is what it looks like:

Career Clarity is designed to help you:


Explore the BIG picture of your life and the kind of lifestyle you're seeking beyond your career.

Clarifying the career options which fit with the BIG picture you've created for yourself. 

Develop a career plan timeline and action plan for yourself. 

Start to implement your plan and begin living the life you've been dreaming about. 

Meet Your Coach & Mentor - Emily Wilks
Learn more about me here...

My promise to you:


I'll be a partner, beside you every step of this journey.


I know you have what it takes to live the life you dream of and I'm here to assist you to implement the changes you desire.   

To achieve this, I'll assist you to identify your inner capabilities, resources, creativity and strengths in a way you may not have experienced before. 


The objective being to help you connect more strongly with your inner wisdom so you feel more confident to find unique and innovative solutions that will work for you. 

I'll also gently challenge you to explore different perspectives, as a good coach should do!


I'll help uncover your blind spots and work together on any uncomfortable internal beliefs that may be holding you back. 

I'll be your accountability partner in making the changes you wish to make.


I will be cheering you on and assisting you to shift the internal voice which may try to tell you these things are not possible for you.


And I'll be reminding you of the things you've identified as most important to you to help you stay on track with the commitments you've made to yourself. 

Here's what's included:


Two months of intensive 1 - 1 support


8 private coaching sessions over the course of the program


Access to me between sessions


BONUS: Full access to the Create Lead Live group coaching program and resource hub for the duration of your program.


Your Investment


2 MONTHS - $3,697 AUD


NOTE: If you’re a Create Lead Live member you can access a 20% discount on this.


I have 1 spot AVAILABLE NOW, so make sure you get in quick if you’d like to work 1 - 1 with me.

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