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Are you a...

High performing woman, business owner or leader?

Who's ready to...

✔️ Say goodbye to working tirelessly behind the scenes, trying to achieve perfection or focused on everyone but yourself.

✔️ Get clear on your vision & lead yourself powerfully towards it, with confidence & unshakable self-trust every step of your journey.

✔️ Create magical results in your life beyond what you ever dreamed was possible for you.

✔️ Serve the world with love & make your unique difference with lightness, grace & ease.

If 'yes', then Create, Lead, Live is the private coaching experience for you...


Blends science & spirituality, paired with a strong ethical foundation, to help you Create, Lead & Live the life of your dreams!


Create the life, business & career of your dreams!


Lead yourself powerfully & confidently towards your vision.


Live in the moment, take inspired action & enjoy life.

Does this sound like you?


It's time to transform...

Are you ready to feel lit up & excited, with greater peace, purpose, meaning & inspiration in your life?

I know what it's like to feel stuck, on the merry-go-round, not making the progress in your life, business or leadership that you know is possible for you.

As a high performing business owner, leader & former psychologist, I've been there too - overwhelmed by my 'to-do' list, constantly pushing to achieve perfection & feeling exhausted, stressed & 'not enough'.

But the truth is, you'll make an even more powerful difference in the world, when you embrace ease, flow, wellbeing & inner peace.

When you step fully into the inspired & confident leader you are, you'll be able to Create, Lead & Live a life, business & career, beyond even your wildest dreams!


"Working with you has been life-changing and I feel now that I have the tools to navigate through life easier, better, more harmonious and in a more mature way. The value and shifts that I’ve gained while working with you are priceless, thank you!"

~ Cristina





BSc(Hons), MPsych(Couns), Dip(Mgt)

For more than a decade, Emily has been supporting women to step into leadership, clarity, inspiration and unshakeable self-trust so they can create magical results in their life, as well as the business and career of their wildest dreams!

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What's Create, Lead, Live?

Create, Lead, Live is my unique signature coaching approach, designed to help you Create, Lead & Live the life of your dreams. 

This approach has a strong ethical foundation & blends evidence based, scientific & spiritual concepts from the fields of Coaching, Business, Leadership, Psychology, Counselling, Personal Development & Spirituality.

My approach...


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Free your mind

When you release doubt, fear & other limiting beliefs, you'll be able to create, lead & live a truly limitless life.

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Raise your energy, wellbeing & emotions

When you tap into good feelings, you'll be able to access your intuition & spirit more reliably.

CLL Star.png

Visualise your dreams in detail

When you get clear on exactly what you want, you'll know what you need to do to turn your vision into reality.


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Practise gratitude & trust

When you trust your dream is already coming together for you, you'll notice what's working instead of what isn't.

CLL Star.png

Surrender & release internal resistance & control

When you let go of your desire to control things, you'll start to see the endless possibilities available to you.

CLL Star.png

Invite your inner wisdom to lead & guide you

When you practise listening to, and trusting, your intuition & spirit, you'll move forward with clarity & confidence.


CLL Star.png

Take inspired actions daily

When your daily actions are aligned with your expansive vision, you'll be able to live your dream life today.

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Develop daily self-connection habits & wellbeing practises.

When you cultivate self-compassion, loving kindness & prioritise your own deep personal wellbeing, you'll be more present in your life & able to serve the world with love.

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"The kind of compassion, love and support I have received is a huge blessing Em. The Brand of Magic is not just about business, it made me realise business starts from me, the kind of clarity and connection I have with myself, the same will flow in my business."

~ Shweta

The experience...

Create, Lead, Live is a tailored, bespoke coaching experience designed just for you.

Together we'll co-create your Dream 90 Day Coaching Experience during your private, 90 minute, Dream, Goal Planning & Strategy Session.

A beautiful one page master plan will be presented to you following the session. This plan will outline the agreed focus of your 90 day experience (including key goals & milestones) to guide & support our work together.

Every step of your 90 day experience is crafted hand in glove with you, based on your unique desires, goals and needs & is fully supported by the Create, Lead, Live concepts.

What's included?

✔️ Your Dream 90 Day Private Coaching Experience

✔️ 1 x 90 minute Dreams, Goals & Strategy Session

✔️ A beautiful, bespoke one page master plan to guide and support our work together.

✔️ 11 x 60 minute private coaching sessions to support the transformations you're desiring to create.

✔️ Unlimited support between sessions via Voxer messaging (business hours AEST)

✔️ 90 Days unlimited Member's Area access to my comprehensive suite of Create, Lead, Live, digital programs & masterclasses.

✔️ A 90 Day Unlimited Satisfaction Guarantee*

*I'm so confident you'll love this program that if, for any reason, you not completely satisfied with the service you've received and wish to withdraw from coaching, you'll be eligible for a pro-rata refund for any work yet to be undertaken (please see full details in the coaching terms & conditions at sign up).

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You'll come away with...

A clear & creative vision for your life, business & career.

✔️ A clear vision for your life, business & leadership that helps you serve the world with love & achieve your goals with less 'hustle' & more ease & flow.

✔️ Excitement about the future knowing you're the creator & leader of your life.

✔️ Inspiration flowing and an expanded view of yourself, the world & the limitless possibilities it holds for you.

Powerful self-leadership as you walk confidently towards your vision.

✔️ Self-confidence, deep worthiness & self-trust, so you can make decisions that feel good for you and sleep peacefully at night on your journey, knowing you are always 'enough'.

✔️ Freedom to be fully and authentically yourself in every situation. You'll be able to speak your truth freely with confidence in yourself and the unique magic & perspective you bring to the world.

✔️ The confidence to safely set boundaries with others, including at work and with those you love, knowing this will only enhance the quality of your relationships.

✔️ Strategies in place to lead your purpose & make the difference you most want to make in the world today, instead of waiting for your circumstances (or yourself) to be 'perfect'.

✔️ The confidence to be the person & leader you dream of being without 'needing' to change anything in your external world first.

A life you love, filled with wellbeing, presence & inspired action!

✔️ Wellbeing, presence, fun & enjoyment across all areas your life.

✔️ Presence & inner peace that enables you to feel calm, centred and joyful during quality time with your loved ones, friends, family, colleagues & clients, without feeling 'guilt' or pressure.

✔️ The ability to prioritise your health and wellbeing, without 'sacrificing' the other areas of 'success' & achievements you also value deeply.

✔️ Feelings of pride, accomplishment & fulfilment in your life, in who you are and the actions you're taking every day.

✔️ A love for yourself that's as supportive and kind as the one you bring to your loved ones.


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Emily helped me address my barriers and I now have the clarity I was looking for in terms of future plans and my career. I feel much more relaxed and connected and I'm able to enjoy my days more instead of just scrambling to do one thing after another. Highly recommend for those feeling lost right now!

~ Raye


$3,750 AUD (Payment in Full)

12 x $350 AUD / Week (12 Week Payment Plan)

12 x $350 AUD / Month (12 Month Payment Plan)


Yes, I'm in!! Where do I sign up?

As part of the booking, you'll be asked to sign a coaching agreement & answer some questions about your hopes, dreams & goals for your Create, Lead, Live 90 Day Dream experience.

Once signed up, you'll receive an email with all details you'll need to get started straight away, including details of your first session, zoom link & Voxer access. You'll also receive a booking link, so you can schedule all your future coaching sessions in advance should you choose to.

Then we kick everything off from there!

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