The Courage to Lead

A FREE 3 Day Challenge to hep you step up your leadership

game and make the impact you want to make in the world!

A FREE 3 Day Challenge!

Have you been holding yourself back in your life or leadership? 


If you're ready to be more courageous and step up your leadership game so you can make the impact you want to make in the world, this FREE 3 Day Challenge is for you! 


In this challenge we will be covering:


:: The role of fear and courage, in both holding you back and driving you forward in your life. 

:: Cultivate a courageous mindset, that supports the achievement of your personal and professional goals.

:: Take courageous action to start building moment in your life and leadership.

This session will include three LIVE sessions in my Facebook group 'Self-Doubt to Self-Worth' with accompanying workbooks to help you implement the steps of the challenge in your own life and feel more courageous every day! 

Hi there, I'm Emily Wilks, Leadership Coach and Counselling Psychologist here to assist you to Create, Lead and Live the life of your dreams.