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Free to Be Me

Have you ever felt like you’re living a life you created for yourself before you knew what you really wanted?


Perhaps you chose a path which was exciting and inspiring to you at the time, but things feel different now and you're ready for something new…


Maybe you feel like you’ve been going down this path so long that you worry perhaps there's no turning back now… whilst a part of you keeps calling out to you and saying, 'it's time'…


 Whatever path you’ve chosen for yourself in the past, you can choose again. You can create yourself anew as you want to be.


You are absolutely FREE to be exactly who you choose to be.


Now the question for you is… who are you?


Who are you in your heart of hearts?


Who are you wanting to be?


Who would you be setting free if you could let any aspect of yourself shine?


Not, what does someone else want, need or expect… but what do you want to be to the very core of your being?


Because no one can choose this but you.

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I’ve created a program to help you connect deeply with this internal voice that’s been calling to you all along. The part of you who knows who you are in all your beauty and wonder and innocence.


You are able to return to the person you were born to be. So you’ve gone off track for a while and now you’re ready to find your way back.


Free to Be Me is a program designed to help you find your own unique wisdom, style, voice, characteristics, lifestyle and to let them out… every bit of you that you’ve been holding back and yearning to be.


Free to Be Me is designed to help you:


Journal and workshop what it means to be YOU!


Gain clarity about what is in your heart and the person you yearn to be at your core.


Explore strategies that help you trust yourself more to BE who you are and to feel safe to do so any time and in any circumstance.

Appreciate and gently release those parts of yourself that no longer serve you.


What’s included:




A single 2 hour workshop.


Session workbook

Lifetime access to the video/audio recordings and workbooks





$97 USD