Meet Emily

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I help coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs lead their business with spirit, courageously share their unique magic with the world and step up into the leader they know they can be.  

I’ve had a passion for making a difference in the world since I was a teenager, a desire which has just continued to grow within me ever since. 


As a young person I found it hard to balance my needs with the needs of others, as I would just give and give until there wasn’t much left. This giving energy has always been present in me and so I’ve had to learn lots of tricks and tools over the years to better look after myself and my energy to feel joyful, alive and free whilst being able to support others too.


Emily Wilks

Leadership Coach & Spiritual Mentor

As a young adult I discovered psychology and personal development. I LOVED the positive side of these approaches that focused on building a life that I loved and gave me tools to assist others to do the same. 

One of the biggest lessons of my adult life has been learning how to be true to myself, from navigating difficult romantic relationships in my 20's, to meeting my husband, starting a family, working in senior leadership roles and then starting and running my coaching business since 2016. 


Though I completed a science degree at uni, and consider myself to be a true champion of science and evidence, I also truly believe in the invisible and unmeasurable thread running through everything in life called LOVE. 

I believe love is everywhere around us, that it connects us all and always has. I also believe fear sometimes results in us losing sight of this love, which blocks us from sharing and experiencing it's effects in our lives. 

 How can I help?

I create a range of free resources as well as paid workshops and programs to help you release the blocks to your energy, joy and experience of love so you can hear your inner wisdom & spirit, serve the world with love and create the business and life of your dreams!

For more info, check out my program page here >>

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Em xo