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My Year of Spiritual Transformation

Do you ever doubt yourself, experience worry, uncertainty or imposter syndrome?

Perhaps you've even disowned parts of yourself because you're embarrassed or worried what others might think?

Do you sometimes struggle to feel trust and confidence in yourself and the world?


Since you're reading this, I'm gathering you're ready to reconnect more deeply with yourself, access your inner wisdom and feel more at ease, confident and excited about your life and your future. 

My Year of Spiritual Transformation is a program I've created to help you connect with your inner wisdom (or spirit) more consistently and confidently through finding the unique spiritual ideas and practices which work for you. 

Naturally we're all different in what we believe and value and for any approach to work (including spiritual practices), it has to feel good for you. This is why we start here, by exploring the unique ways in which you connect with yourself and access the inner wisdom and confidence that's available to you at all times. 

I hope you enjoy this FREE program as much as I've enjoyed creating it for you.

Em xxoo


My Year of Spiritual Transformation

 is designed to help you:


Explore what spirituality means for you


Increase your awareness of what would be possible for you in life if you felt more connected with your inner wisdom & confidence. 


Explore strategies that help you reconnect with these parts of yourself any time you need to.

Identify your personal and spiritual transformation goals and strengthen your spiritual practices over the coming twelve months.

Date and time:



What’s included:


Session workbook & Visualisation