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The corporate success you’ve worked so hard to achieve is great….until it isn’t….and then what once energised and excited you starts to suck the life out of you.


Your dream becomes your worst nightmare and you find yourself yearning to explore the side of your personality that you’ve kept under lock and key because it had no place in the corporate world.


Enthusiasm has turned to resentment and the yearning grows.


You KNOW your time is done and you’re ready to start living a different life…..and that scares the hell out of you.


I know you’re watching others who have made their escape from the 9 to grind and are now living lives of freedom, you can see they’re fulfilled and happy…and did I mention free?


Can I tell you a little something about “those” people?


THEY were scared too.


They were once like you are now….watching….yearning and wishing they were brave enough to go it alone.


But they harnessed their courage…quietened their fears and took a leap into the unknown…and look at them now…they haven’t looked back.


I was one of those people…I know the fear you’re feeling, I know the yearning and I know how life is for you right now.


I want to let you know that it’s your time and I’m here to tell you that if you want this thing…we can make it happen….together.


I’ve not only made the leap from corporate to what I call the freedom lifestyle but I’ve helped many other people, just like you, to do the same.


Based on this work I’ve created a program that supports you as you take that big leap into the unknown….this is what it looks like:


Moving from the rigidity of corporate to suddenly being your own boss might seem amazing (and it is) but it’s also fraught with emotional landmines, indecision and hurdles that can be difficult to overcome along so in this READINESS PHASE we tackle some key fundamentals you need to have in place to ensure a smooth transition.

Clarity and Vision - Together we’ll get clear on the vision you have to live the purpose AND life you’ve been dreaming of alongside this. I’ll lead you through  process of uncovering what is in your heart and that you dream of doing in a way that allows you to also live the lifestyle you want to lead. 

Permission - We’ll then do the work together to help you give yourself permission to not only have these dreams but to decide to finally take the leap! Identity -


Once we’ve tackled the fundamentals you’re ready for the next step which is all about setting yourself up to win before we pull the trigger on your dream.


Outcome  (specific goal) - 

Game Plan

Logistics - 

Time Management - 


Now you’re ready to start doing the do and bringing this thing to life with me supporting you every step of the way.


In this phase you’ll be setting daily actions and ticking them off your list with me on hand to support you if old fears come back to haunt you or you just feel stuck and unsure about what to do next.


My job in this phase is to ensure that the path ahead of you is clear of obstacles so you can keep moving forwards and get where you want to go.


Here's what's included:
  • A 90 Minute Vision and Strategy Session (quarterly) to get really clear on your own unique leadership, career and wellbeing goals. 

We’ll dig down to make sure we are razor clear on the impact you’re wanting to make through your work or business and the mindset and wellbeing goals we'll be working on so we can develop an achievable three, six or twelve-month action plan to really get things moving. 

  • 2 coaching calls each month to support and challenge you as you move towards your goals. 

We’ll work together to help you brainstorm and problem solve internal and external barriers which arise along the way. I’ll also assist and hold you accountable to implementing your plan so you can start living your life at the next level now, whilst you are working on the achievement of your longer term life and leadership goals. 

  • Daily e-mail/text message contact with me between sessions (weekdays only).

This intensive support and access to me will help us problem solve quickly. We’ll also pick up on any internal barriers as they happen, so you can consistently implement practical strategies on a daily basis until they become more natural for you to draw on as needed. I’ll also be your daily accountability partner to help you live the plan you’ve developed for yourself. 

Please note: 

This is a high value and intensive coaching package.


I only take on a small number of individual coaching clients each year. I do this so I can work closely with you, not only within but also between sessions, to assist you to achieve your goals. 


For the duration of our coaching together, your goals are mine too. I want to see you make the changes you desire and am dedicated to assisting you to do so.


This high value and time intensive approach is reflected in the coaching fees. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss a payment plan that works for you. 

How to Apply
To apply simply click the button below to confirm your details and book a time for our first session. You'll be asked to complete a short questionnaire regarding your goals for coaching. If you'd like more info before applying, please don't hesitate to send me an email with your questions via the button below.

Please NOTE: By applying for this program you are agreeing to the

Terms and Conditions of the Coaching Service found here.

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$1497 AUD per month (3 month commitment) or $1347 per month (6 month commitment)
Due to the high value and level of support included in this package, places are strictly limited. Please apply promptly to get started as soon as a spot becomes available.