Are you ready to Create, Lead and Live the life of your dreams in 2019? Would you like to make your own unique impact on the world?


This tool is designed to help you review a broad range of life areas to identify your strengths and achievements as well as new areas for development in 2019. 


This useful tool is designed to accompany the 2018 Dreams & Goals Planner and 2019 Goal Strategy Planner. 


Spend some time exploring each life area and build on this exploration to develop priority areas for development in 2018. 


You will come away with a clear picture of your achievements and outcomes in a broad range of life areas and assist you to start dreaming and planning the outcomes you'd most like to achieve over the coming year. 


By purchasing this tool you'll also receive access to our online community for support, live planning sessions, accountability and daily reminders to help you on your journey! 

2019 Lifestyle Inventory