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Return to You

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Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is stay true to yourself.


Life ebbs and flows and takes us on many different pathways.

As a coach or business owner, perhaps you’re juggling the needs, wants and desires of lots of other people and have just forgotten where your needs, wants and desires fit in. 


Or maybe you’ve disowned parts of yourself over time, or hold back from sharing more of yourself and who you truly are. 


You know when you’re off track because it feels BAD... 


You feel stuck, confused, exhausted, stressed and worn out.


But however you got lost, it’s possible to find your way back again, and again. 


This is because part of you is calling out to you, that it doesn’t have to be this way.


That there's more available to you AND that you’re absolutely WORTH living the life you dream of instead of this.


So, you got caught up in the waves of life (like we all do!) and NOW you’re ready to find your way back to the shore again. 


I know and believe absolutely 100% you have all you need within you to return to ‘YOU‘ whenever you veer off course or get caught up. 


You can reconnect with that part of yourself that is calling to you any time.


I know you can, I’m here to help you do it AND find ways of doing this again and again, any time you need to. 


I’ll help you find YOUR way back to yourself more easily and consistently, so you can enjoy the inner clarity, certainty, calm and peace I know you’re yearning for.


You're not alone.

If you’re ready and willing to return to you, I’m here to help you find YOUR way. 


Return to You is designed to help you:


Trust yourself and hear your own inner guidance over the noise of life. 

Slow down so you can feel the calm, confidence that already lies within you. 

Explore strategies that help you connect with your inner wisdom whenever you need to.

Remember and hold gently, and lovingly, the dreams and yearnings of your heart. 

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Emily Wilks

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I'll be a partner, beside you every step of this journey.


I know you have what it takes to live the life you dream of and I'm here to assist you to implement the changes you desire.   

To achieve this, I'll assist you to identify your inner capabilities, resources, creativity and strengths in a way you may not have experienced before. 


The objective being to help you connect more strongly with your inner wisdom so you feel more confident to find unique and innovative solutions that will work for you. 

I'll also gently challenge you to explore different perspectives, as a good coach should do!


I'll help uncover your blind spots and work together on any uncomfortable internal beliefs that may be holding you back. 

I'll be your accountability partner in making the changes you wish to make.


I will be cheering you on and assisting you to shift the internal voice which may try to tell you these things are not possible for you.


And I'll be reminding you of the things you've identified as most important to you to help you stay on track with the commitments you've made to yourself. 

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One month of intensive 1 - 1 support


4 private coaching sessions over the course of the month


Access to me between sessions (Mon - Fri)


BONUS: Full access to my Members' Area resource hub for the duration of your program.





1 MONTH - $1,997 USD (NORMALLY $3,497)


(NOTE: By purchasing this program you are confirming you have read and agree to the below EW Terms & Conditions)
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