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Are you ready to lead from your spirit, so you can shine on online and attract your dream client’s?

Shine Online is designed to help you:
Reconnect with your spirit, inner wisdom and confidence so you can lead from your heart, be yourself and shine your unique light out into the world.

Uncover your magic and unique zone of genius so you can make the difference you dream of making in the world.

Move the barriers out of the way so you can confidently show up for your audience and,

Attract the clients of your dreams!!

Shine Online can help you take the steps needed to:

⭐️ Be more consistent and show up confidently in your marketing (ie. video, podcasts, social media etc.)

⭐️ Be more authentically yourself, stand out from the crowd and have people take notice and value what you’re sharing.

⭐️ Show up courageously in situations where you previously held back.

⭐️ Attract clients that you LOVE working with and who want to pay you for your services.

⭐️ Sell from a place of joy and service.

⭐️ Create more impactful programs, workshops and content that deeply resonates with your audience.

⭐️ Show up powerfully and confidently for your clients.

⭐️ Refine your messaging, develop your influence so you make the difference you dream of making.

⭐️ Become a leader in your field.

⭐️ Step up as a speaker.

⭐️ Have doors and opportunities open up in surprising ways...and more...

Meet Your Coach & Mentor - Emily Wilks
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Spiritual Business Coach

Learn more about me here...

My promise to you:


I'll be a partner, beside you every step of this journey.


I KNOW you have what it takes to be express your unique magic with the world.


You can be true to yourself, create a legacy, share your unique message with the world AND create the business and life you dream of. 

We'll work together to explore who you are at your core, the beautiful messages you're here to share and the unique impact you're wanting to make in the world.

My strongest objective is not to guide you myself, but to help YOU connect more strongly with your intuition and highest self, so you can experience clarity and confidence as you move forward and create the business of your dreams.

I'll also gently challenge you to explore different perspectives, as a good coach should do!

I'll help uncover your blind spots and work together on any uncomfortable internal beliefs that may be holding you back. 

I'll be your accountability partner in making the changes you wish to make.

I will be cheering you on and assisting you to shift the internal voice which may try to tell you these things are not possible for you.

And I'll be reminding you of the things you've identified as most important to you, to help you stay on track with the commitments you've made to yourself. 

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Here's what's included:


 One Hour Masterclass


Accompanying Workbook

Lifetime Access to the Program


Your Investment


$97 USD


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