Self-Doubt to Self-Worth

Had an interesting reflective moment to share today. I've been putting together the FREE Self-Doubt to Self-Worth 3 Day Challenge program to assist women leaders and entrepreneurs to feel more confident and build a sense of greater self-worth and personal authority. While I was putting it all together, I was reminded today of how important the commitment itself is to pursue a new way of being.

For many women, perceiving ourselves as 'confident', 'worthy' or a 'leader' is a considerable change because we are taught to be retiring, humble, collaborative and to some extent to put others before ourselves. We are taught to check in and find out what others' think, what they want, what they need and we often put others' needs ahead of our own unwittingly.

Yet, to be confident, to stand proud and to step into our own power we really need to DECIDE and be WILLING to be true to ourselves, even when that sometimes may conflict with what others want, think or need.

This means being able to say what we truly believe, to lead and influence others and to not let the challenging issues be swept under the rug.

We need to both look inside AND look forward to decide the kind of person we WANT to be, before we can cultivate this in the way we live and shape the world we live in every day.

There is no point saying 'I want to be more confident' if you are still invested in joining the crowd, people pleasing or seeking validation and assurance from others that you are on the right track.

To step into your own confidence, authority and personal power you need to DECIDE to start giving yourself the internal validation and assurance you need in order to let go of needing it from others. And then figure out HOW to do this from this secure and self-supported internal place.



Join us here on Thursday 6th April for this FREE 3 DAY CHALLENGE where I'll be sharing powerful strategies to help you over-come self-doubt, build your self-worth and feel more confident.

This will be a live session each day (Thursday, Friday and Monday) and the recordings will also be available after the sessions if you can't make it to each day.

Please do send any questions or thoughts through that you'd like me to cover in the sessions. I can't wait to kick this off next week! ☺

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