You are: Worthy!

Sometimes being task focused in itself is an act of avoidance. Let me explain. Sometimes we convince ourselves we are not procrastinators because we 'get things done'. But all the while we avoid the more important and challenging work we need to do internally. Personally, I'm an achiever and a 'do-er'. I keep busy and I 'get things done'. No-one in their right mind would call me a procrastinator. Yet in many ways, I am one. You see, I find myself getting edgy when I have things on my 'to do' list which 'need' to get done. I find it difficult to sit with myself and relax when things are 'undone'. So I just 'keep doing' and put my internal wellbeing off, thinking I'll be ready to do this work when the other things are DONE. BUT, the list is neverending...funny that... There's always more to be done. Always. If you can't sit for a moment and relax when things aren't done, there's a problem. You are procrastinating WITH busy things instead of looking within. So why do we do this? Because it's HARD looking within. It's hard facing ourselves. And the busy work is EASY. We keep doing the external work because we think we're not worthy without the external measures of success, the relationships, the business, the career, the accolades, the followers, the money and the material things. We push ourselves to 'achieve' something because somehow, we think when we get there we'll FINALLY feel worthy. But we won't. We'll never 'get there' because there is NO 'there'. There's only HERE. All we really have is NOW. This moment. With ourselves. So NOW what's important? Is it the busy work? The 'hustle'? The achievements? Or is it a sense of peace, fulfilment and inner clarity in this moment? I know what feels most incredible and wondrous to me. Connecting with ourselves, our hearts and our inner truth sits above all else. Because, it's from HERE everything else flows. The love, the abundance, the peace, the growth and the creativity. It is from this place that authenticity, service to others and true success flows. In this moment. There is nothing which takes higher priority than this. So, isn't it time to stop putting YOURSELF off for another day? ***** ✨SELF-DOUBT TO SELF-WORTH: A FREE 3 DAY CHALLENGE✨ Hey lovely ladies! I'm running a FREE 3 Day Challenge in my group, starting Thursday 6th April, where I'll be sharing powerful strategies to help you over-come self-doubt, stop overthinking, build your self-worth and feel more confident. There will be 3 live sessions run each day (Thursday, Friday and Monday) and the recordings will be available after the sessions if you can't make it to each day. Sign up here: I'm excited to have you join us!

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