When you open your eyes and take a look at your life, in this moment, what do you see?

Do you ever wonder whether you can do any of the things you dream of doing in your life?

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Do you wonder whether you are just ‘dreaming’ and whether it all might just come to nothing in the end?

Do you have a clear idea in your mind about what you should be doing and what should be happening but you just DON’T. SEEM. TO. BE. GETTING. ANYWHERE?

Well, you’re not alone. Many women feel this way, including (and perhaps even especially) high achieving leaders. Because unfortunately, we’re often not happy with where we are already at. We keep looking at things and thinking, what can I do to make things ‘better’ OR ‘what am I still not doing so well?’

We often focus on the gaps, instead of the progress we’ve made. We don’t recognise the steps forward, we just see how many more steps lay ahead of us on the path and start wondering why we’re ‘not there already’.

But we are there already. We are HERE. And here is a wondrous place. If we will only stop for a moment to NOTICE all that we’ve created. Notice what we’ve done well. And notice all we’ve achieved. So far.

You see the thing is, of course there’s always more you could be doing, more you could be creating and giving. But success doesn’t require this of you. It requires you to acknowledge what you’ve GOT. What’s already in your life. Right now.

So what is it hey? What have you already got going for you in your life? Because there will be something. And if you’re having trouble seeing it, then keep looking until you find it!

Instead of beating yourself up about what you ‘should’ be doing next and what’s possible. How about you start looking around at NOW. What do you see when you absolutely commit yourself to doing this?

When you open your eyes and take a look at your life, in this moment. What do you see?

Is this the life you once dreamed of living? I’ll bet your bottom dollar that in many ways it IS.

You once dreamed of the life you’ve since created. Perhaps you got into the tertiary course you dreamed of, you got the job you wanted, bought your first home or maybe you’ve created an incredible family of your own.