Are you about ‘doing-all-the-things’ or are you about finding deeper purpose and meaning in your lif

At this time of year people often tell me they are caught up in the busy work running from one thing to the next trying to get so much done before the end of the year.

So I’m wondering, is there something you really want to get done that’s important to you but just doesn’t seem to cut it next to all the urgent stuff?

These are the things that we all know will drive our lives and leadership forward in the most important ways, but they seem to take a little more energy or effort to get off the ground than the quick wins of the ’to do’ list. So they remain almost a dream rather than an essential focus of our every day.

It may be that the important things are bigger and therefore easier to put off.

Or it may be that the are only important to you so there’s no outside pressure.

Or perhaps you are actively RESISTING doing these things….

Perhaps they require you to play BIGGER than you’ve ever played before and thats a little scary…

It’s easy to step back and just do the day to day things. After all, there’s satisfaction in having lots of items ticked off your ‘to do’ list. But how would it feel to make more headway on the most important and valued things??

One tick on the important list could move your life forward immeasurably - further than ten ‘to do’ items combined!!

As women, our lists are often long and weighty. Sure everything seems important when you’ve got a long list at the start of the day. But if you really hone in on what’s ‘important’ to you and what will move your life forward in giant leaps, the choice is easy isn’t it?

Are you about ‘doing-all-the-things’ or are you about finding deeper purpose and meaning in your life and leadership?

And how about experiencing joy in your life? Joy flows in when we are pursuing activities that are most meaningful to us.

So I’m curious, what BIG goal or activity have you been putting off which would move your life forward immeasurably? And what small step can you take to prioritise this activity today?

If you need a little help clarifying what's important to you to progress today, click here to download a FREE Inspirational Planner to help you CREATE life more intentionally so you can live the coming week (and every week) on a connected, lighter and more joyful note.

Em x

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