What Are You Inspired to Create?

November 22, 2019

Do you consider yourself a creative person? 


Many people consider creativity to be about art, design, music and writing. 


But to me creativity is so much more than that. We are creating all the time, with our thoughts and our minds and our energy. 


Everything you think about leads to something, whether we like it or not. 


Not that troublesome thoughts directly create a troublesome reality, but rather the thoughts we have contribute to the way we experience the world and what we tell ourselves about it. 


Say you get up in the morning and check out the news… this has the power to shape and change your day in all kinds of ways. 


Given it’s the news, it’s fairly unlikely the news will be positive…. although it does happen from time to time... 


BUT, what you absorb first thing can really affect your energy and emotional state which can then influence the way we behave and what we pay attention to in the day. 


You know yourself when you are feeling low it’s likely you tune into the information which matches your mood. You take it in, identify with it and integrate it further into your existing low mood and then solidify it. 


The more we do it, the harder it is to get out of this space and into feeling lighter and more energised. 


So our mind kind of just goes along for the ride. Something set it off on it’s path and then it just all snowballed from there. 


Instead of consciously creating our world we end up creating reactively…. we start listening and responding to all that is coming in and feeling a bit helpless about it all instead of powerful and creative. 


But we’re still creating aren’t we? Because we’re consciously choosing to go down whichever path emerges even if it feels like we don’t have control of our thoughts. We still do. 


We are choosing to go where our thoughts take us instead of deciding OURSELVES where we want them to go. 


So how do you decide to consciously create your world instead of creating reactively in response to whatever comes your way? 


It’s a decision isn’t it. A simple decision to be creative in a way that feels good instead of one that feels out of our control. 


It’s a decision not to buy into the thoughts which keep us down and fearful, or stuck and uncertain, and instead make the choice to believe that we can create whatever we want to if we’ll just decide what that is. 


And this is a barrier to our creativity too - knowing WHAT we want to create. 


If you don’t know what you’re creating there’s a good chance you’re just creating randomly or by default. 


if you don’t have a clear picture of the kind of day you’d like to have, you’ll go in waiting to see how it unfolds and maybe end up disappointed. 


Every day we say to one another - How’s your day going? 


Some people hear the question and run through the events of their day and think - all in all the events add up to this or that…’good thanks’.


But how did you INTEND your day to be? That should be our question. Not how it appears on the surface, but what did you intend for it, and how are you going with actively creating it? 


And the same is true with life as well isn’t it? As you intentionally create your day, so you intentionally create your week, your month, your years...


If you’re not consciously creating it, you’re reactively creating it and who knows where it might then go... Not where it goes in REALITY but where it might go in your mind. 


Your perception. Your happiness. Your confidence. Your connection with others. 


These things all rely on a conscious choosing of what you’ll pay attention to. What you won’t. And what you’ll then tell yourself and believe about yourself and the world. 


Gabby Bernstein refers to this concept in her writing’s as ‘choose again’. No point beating ourselves up about thoughts which aren’t helping us. We can always choose again. 


So you went off the rails for a moment, for an hour, for a day…. just choose again and CREATE the life you most want to live. 


Em 💛



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