You Already Have All You Need

You already have all you need. 

You truly do. 

It’s easy to forget this sometimes, to think, when this happens, then I’ll…. or when I’m this, then… 

But life will never 'feel' right until you decide it is. 

It’s not that things aren’t the way they are meant to be. It’s that you're thinking they are meant to be something other than they are. But they're perfect already and so are you. 

I know what you’re thinking…. How can anything be perfect? Nothing is ‘perfect’. But the only thing that stops you from seeing the perfection is you. You’re holding yourself back by believing you ‘know' how things are meant to be. By believing you know what ‘perfect’ would be, instead of accepting the perfection of what already is. It's this resistance that causes you to feel the way you do. 

Sad, disappointed, angry, frustrated, hopeless….scared. 

You’re not accepting what is and looking for the blessings life already holds for you. 

I know this isn't easy. We all experience these feelings. We’re expecting something to happen, or wishing for it, and yet still for some reason, it all falls in a heap. 

What’s happened? Why do things sometimes not work out the way we hope they will? 

Not because life is imperfect or because we’ve made some mistake, but because something else is waiting for you. You just don’t know what it is yet. 

The sooner you let go of what isn’t meant to be, the sooner what is made for you will be able to flow through to you. 

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are in a situation or relationship where you are experiencing trauma or abuse, please make sure you take steps to ensure both your physical and emotional safety such as leaving the situation physically and/or calling emergency services, domestic violence or phone support lines in your local area. 'Accepting' something doesn't mean continuing to put up with physical or emotional mistreatment or abuse. Taking steps to acknowledge within yourself what has occurred AND also create safety for yourself is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and others too.


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