My 5 Top Practical Tips to beat work stress FAST so you can sleep well at night and be more present at home!

A FREE One Hour Workshop!


In this FREE one hour workshop I’ll share 5 key strategies proven to prevent and reduce work stress FAST. 


You’ll come away with practical ideas which you can implement personally and professionally as well as ideas you can share to prevent and reduce the stress of your clients, colleagues and employees at the organisational level. 


This session will be run regularly across the year as a face to face workshop (also available as an online session) and is tailored for the following professionals: 


  • GPs,

  • Leaders and

  • Human services/healthand education employees experiencing stress at work which impacts their home life. 

Who am I?

I'm Emily Wilks, the Director of GoGetEm Coaching and Leadership Coach. I'm also a qualified Counselling Psychologist and experienced leader myself. 


Over more than twelve years I've worked in business, executive, senior leadership, coaching and counselling roles across a range of services including psychology, behaviour consultancy, education, health and wellbeing, family support services and disability. 

As a leader I've led large teams of more than 60 staff including several senior leaders and managers. I've coached and supported executives, senior leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders to overcome the internal and external barriers that prevent them achieving their goals - both personally and professionally.

My leadership experience and unique career journey as both a coach and psychologist has enabled me to develop a range of approaches, tools and mindset strategies to assist you to experience the career and life you dream of and deserve. 

For more information or to book this session to be delivered at your practice or organisation please contact Emily Wilks at hello@gogetemcoaching.com.au




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Hi there, I'm Emily Wilks, Leadership Coach and Counselling Psychologist here to assist you to Create, Lead and Live the life of your dreams.