The Spiritual CEO


Have you been dreaming of having access to regular, affordable coaching support to help you follow your heart as you lead your business?


Would you love to stand out from the crowd online so you can attract your dream client's and abundance into your business and life?

I've created this powerful, yet highly accessible, private coaching program for women who LOVE spirituality, who want to follow their heart and connect with their inner wisdom, but who also want to see concrete results and outcomes in their business.

This program is for women who desire to build the business of their dreams AND reach their dream clients through spiritually aligned approaches that feel good. 

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Gone are the days where we simply seek self-proclaimed 'experts' to advise us in 'the way' forward in each area of our lives and business...and voila...success granted!

Instead we choose to follow a spiritually aligned path.

We deeply honour our inner wisdom and higher self  as we create the exact results, impact and success we dream of at the very core of our being. 

No longer do we implement strategies that feel 'icky' or someone else's suggested 'formula' in the in the pursuit of making quick sales, money or immediate yet hollow 'success'.

Instead we carve out THE path that feels right to us at our core and rely on our intuition more and more to make decisions, take action and filter the information we select and absorb from outside. 

We do this because we believe and trust in our hearts that anything is possible for us.

We trust that through finding clarity about what we want, the impact we want to make and grand vision we have for the legacy we want to leave in the world, that our true, fulfilment, purpose and meaning will be fully realised.


This program is the opportunity for us to step forth into the leader we KNOW we can be.

The Spiritual CEO of our own business and life.

To feel inspired, excited but also steady and centred as we tread our path. No matter what bright shiny objects or challenges land in our way.

This program is for the woman who'd LOVE a spiritual business 'bestie' and coach by her side who can help her stay true to herself and her spirituality as she steps up as The Spiritual CEO of her own business.

It represents the decision she has made to intentionally lead her business and life in this way, as she chooses to operate at a higher level of spiritual being in the world.

Does this sound like you? If so, you're in the right place...

In my 5 years of business, THIS is the program I've been searching for since I began. The kind of program I've been craving for myself, but not finding.

So, I created it myself.


And it comes as a complete package of support. Not just a spiritual lens over the way we look at business and leadership within it, but a holistic and results based spiritual approach. 


Not just feeling good, but delivering on our promises to ourselves and our clients as well. 


Truly achieving the outcomes we deeply desire. 


Going to bed each night, KNOWING, that what we did today was meaningful and impactful to those who we came here to serve. 


Are you ready to experiencing aligned results in your business and life too?


If you answered "YES!!", then this package is for you!


I've created the dream coaching package - The Spiritual CEO - is a 12 month program created to help you:

⭐️ Fully commit to lead your business from your heart,

⭐️ Go 'all in' to create the ultimate impact, outcomes and results you dream of,

⭐️ In a way that feels good because it aligns beautifully with your heart, inner wisdom and spirit!

The Spiritual CEO

is a Spiritual Business Coaching program designed to help you lead your business from your heart and spirit. It's an experience designed to support you to operate from a place of passion, joy, confidence and trust in yourself and the path you're taking. 

⭐️ As a spiritual CEO you can follow your heart, make decisions, overcome challenges and create the level of impact and success you truly desire in your business and life in a way that feels GOOD. 

⭐️ You no longer hold yourself back, because you're inspired to act and 'do' the things you just know in your heart you are meant to do.

⭐️ You don't worry about the 'rules' other people have told you about how things 'should' be done, because you trust that YOUR way is the 'right' path for you and for those who you are destined to work with you. 

⭐️ You're excited about the future because you know all is unfolding in perfect and magical ways. 

⭐️ You've no need to doubt because you trust that you have access to all you need to call upon along the way.

The Experience

will be tailored for you every month, across the entire 12 months, based on your long and short term dreams, vision, specific business goals and priorities. 


It will be underpinned by a blend of the below spiritual concepts threaded through all the work we do together as you step up as The Spiritual CEO of your business and life:

  • A clear, inspiring and compelling vision 

  • A belief that truly anything is possible for you and your business.

  • LOVE and service underpinning all you do rather than fear.

  • Tapping into your heart & intuition to guide you as you make every day business decisions.

  • Aligning with the flow of abundance in all things.

  • Draw on self-confidence and self-compassion

  • Trust in yourself and the universe

  • Embracing your role as a powerful creator in your life and business

  • Practice gratitude before what you've dreamed of shows up

  • Enjoy the journey and bask in all you've created

  • Connect with other Spiritual CEOs to support you as you lead your business...and more...


Create Lead Live

is my signature coaching framework. This framework guides me as I support you create, lead and live the business & life of your dreams.

The Program Structure



Explore and reconnect with Your Inner Wisdom / Highest Self

Elevate Your Inspiration & Attraction Energy





Review pre-coaching work & current self-connection/higher-self/spiritual practices


Exploration of spiritual development goals underpinning the 12 month tailored program


Clarify Your Specific Business, Life & Program Goals


Develop priorities & initial quarterly/yearly inspired action and accountability plan for the program



MONTH 2, 3 and beyond


Review self-connection, inspiration, attraction & energy work – what’s working, what’s not - building on strengths which have emerged.

Flexible session focus & reviews: based on your spiritual development and business priorities and the goals you identified in your initial inspired action plan.

Leading yourself through any resistance or blocks which have emerged.

Supported by relevant members area programs: self-compassion & loving kindness, self-confidence, unleash the magic within etc.

Quarterly Review Sessions where desired – celebrating progress, inspiration flowing, exploring vision for coming months, developing quarterly inspired action and accountability plan for ongoing work.


Review self-connection, inspiration, energy, attraction, resistance and leadership work.


Review progress of spiritual development goals underpinning the 12 month personalised program.


Review progress of specific business, life and program goals.


Clarify desired next steps and establish renewed inspired action, accountability and support plan to continue Spiritual CEO work beyond the current program.



Review self-connection, inspiration, energy, attraction, resistance and leadership work.


Capture inspiration, insights, outcomes, tools and actions which were helpful throughout the program so you can refer back to these any time in the future.

The Results


Spiritual business coaching is not just about feeling good. It's results oriented and can help you take the steps needed to:

⭐️ Follow your heart in your business so you can finally do what you’ve been dreaming of.

⭐️ Receive abundance (eg. inspiration, opportunities, clients, money etc.) in your life and business.

⭐️ Show up courageously, confidently and authentically in your marketing (ie. video, podcasts, social media)

⭐️ Stand out from the crowd and attract dream clients you LOVE working with and who want to pay you for your services.

⭐️ Sell from a place of love, joy and service.

⭐️ Create inspired and moving programs, workshops and content that deeply connects and resonates with your clients.

⭐️ Follow your dream of becoming a speaker.

⭐️ Write that book you’ve been dreaming about.

⭐️ Set boundaries, say ‘no’ and let go of the things no longer serving you like second guessing and indecision.

⭐️ Have doors and opportunities open up to you in surprising ways...and more...

Meet Your Coach & Mentor - Emily Wilks

Learn more about me here...
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My promise to you:


I'll be a partner, beside you every step of this journey.


I know you have what it takes to create the business and life you dream of and I'm here to assist you to implement the changes you desire.   

To achieve this, I'll help you follow your heart and connect more strongly with your inner wisdom so you feel more confident to find unique and innovative pathways and solutions that feel good for you. 

I'll also gently challenge you to explore different perspectives, as a good coach should do!


I'll help uncover your blind spots and work together on any uncomfortable internal beliefs that may be holding you back. 

I'll be your accountability partner in making the changes you wish to make.


I'll be cheering you on and assisting you to shift the internal voice which may try to tell you these things are not possible for you.


And I'll be helping you stay on track with the commitments you've made to yourself. 

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Here's what's included:


Twelve months of 1 - 1 coaching

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire & Journaling Workbook

Choose from 1 x 60 minute private coaching session per month


2 x 30 minutes private coaching sessions per month.

3 days email/voxer coaching per month between sessions.

BONUS: Full access to my Member's Area resource hub for the duration of your program.

Post-Coaching Questionnaire & Journaling Workbook

No lock in contracts. Pay month to month. Access to a fixed monthly rate over the 12 month period.

Your Investment




1 YEAR PAY IN FULL - $9,970 USD (SAVE $1,994 USD)

Are you ready to lead your business from your heart and spirit so you can operate from a place of passion, joy, confidence and trust in yourself and the path you're taking? 

(NOTE: By purchasing this program you are confirming you have read and agree to the below EW Terms & Conditions)